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October 17 2013


Enhancing Digital Marketing with Twitter Discussions

The social networking site Twitter made a blog post on August 28 about updating their official site and mobile applications with a new feel and look that would boost user interaction and streamline user discussions. This is a response to complaints that some annoyed subscribers made, particularly when they are sending tweets back and forth between a number of individuals.

This update can also be used to improve your social media marketing efforts, as long as you know what you are doing. Let us look at some of these innovative examples:

Simple Management for TweetChats

Prior to the August update, users who would make use of TweetChat had to manually refresh their browsers at a regular rate to view the latest version of the page. This was a frustrating experience to go through, especially since other chat applications could automatically refresh the web page.

Twitter Discussions will Finally Happen

When Twitter was still in its development stages, its subscribers were only in it to promote their profile pictures from Instagram (another social network which focuses on photos) and themselves. Users were initially turned off by this, since most of the interactions with other users were made up of the occasional retweet. If ever there were conversations between users, it would be done through the DM (Direct Message) method.

It is true that this form of social networking has become an excellent portal for marketing and sharing web content. And while it has the ability to help drive a lot of traffic to a corporate website, Twitter seems to lack the level of interaction that internet users enjoy with sites like Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook. Even if those social media marketing discussions will still consist of 140 characters, the August update will make sure that users will get to group their tweets or direct messages together as an improvement.

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